It’s not how much money you earn and how much money you have, how they work for you, and how many generations you will be able to provide

To make a lot of money – courage; save them – wisdom and the ability to spend – the art

Briefly about the company

Financial services constitute a large and growing sector in virtually all developed economies and developing ones. The growth rate of this sector is particularly high in those economies that undergo rapid modernization.

Trade in financial services is also growing rapidly due to a combination of new and growing markets in developing countries and transition economies, liberalization of Finance and trade, the use of new financial instruments and rapid technological change. However, the financial services sector is much more important than its direct impact on the economy.

Our services

Money transfer

A service that provides for movement of a certain sum of money for the purpose of crediting to the payee’s account or issue cash. The initiator and receiver can be one and the same person. The transfer amount is the cash amount which, as a result of the transfer must be credited to the beneficiary’s account or issued to him in cash.

Currency exchange

Purchase at physical persons of cash foreign currency. Sale to physical persons of a cash foreign currency for cash funds in national currency of Ukraine. Converting cash foreign currency of one country in foreign currency of another country.


Financial Commission operation at which the client assigns the receivables factoring company for the purpose of: instant more part of payment; guarantees full repayment of the debt; reduction of expenses for maintenance of accounts.

Granting loans

The provision of funds in the form of loans to enterprises and organizations to pay bills for value received, services rendered and work performed, for the formation of productive assets and other costs. N. p. can be carried by the citizens for certain purposes.

Providing guarantees

The contract of suretyship, the surety shall be entrusted to the creditor of the debtor on execution of its responsibilities. For a guarantee institution guarantees to the creditor discharge the debtor of his obligations.

Finance lease

This is a leasing agreement, as a result of which the lessee at your order receives in paid use from lessor object of leasing for a period of not less than the period for which amortiziruemoe 75 percent of the cost of leasing object, certain in the day of conclusion of the contract.